TomGER in Shiyanora's comment

Minor manga spoilers:

So since I wrote the comment, I actually started the manga (Which honestly isn’t that good, it’s just walls upon walls of text) and Kurapika becomes extremely important if not the main character after the anime ends. Generally I’d honestly agree with the whole ending not making a whole lot of sense, esp. considering how everything after the anime just becomes a huge mess and feels completely unrelated to the HunterXHunter story we had so far.


That’s interesting to know. But the manga is not finished yet, right? Hope I remember correctly but I think I heard that, due to some illness or something, the mangaka is very slowly updating this manga and might even not finish it. But I’m not sure. However, I know there’s an extra manga story about Hisoka. Since he’s my fav character I guess I’ll read it someday :)


Oh yeah, the manga is infamous for it’s absolutely awful schedule (And honestly, super rushed art sometimes), I’d say that it’s highly likely it’ll never finish. The last chapter was released 2 years ago and the entire arc drags itself out even more than the Chimera Ant arc.


It’s hard to imagine an arc being more dragging than the Ant arc… must be really wearisome.