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I’m not entirely sure in what cases you would want a playlist that you can play on repeat. In my personal experience, I rarely find myself wanting to re-watch anime within a short time of watching it the first time but I can imagine a few ‘specific’ scenarios where a playlist would be cool to have. Twist.moe already has the “next” button in the corner of the video when you reach the last 2 minutes of an episode which is plenty for me.

My wish for anime-viewing in the future would be some sort of “skip into” button, the same way Netflix has it. I typically don’t feel like watching the OP to an anime every single episode if I’m binge watching a show. I’m not sure if something like that would ever be possible tho since most episodes play the OP at different times.


Could you elaborate on the “skip into” thing?

I’ve never used Netflix but from your description it sounds like a “time jump” to different parts of the video which is definitely possible.


Sure! It’s pretty much like you say it is, a simple time skip in the video. Once the intro starts playing, a button appears that says “skip intro” (https://i.imgur.com/J0nNA1M.jpg - Bottom right button) which will take you to the exact time where the intro ends. I am a person that will watch many episodes of anime/tv shows in a single session, binging shows all the time. It is so incredibly convenient not having to listen to the intro every single time and being able to just skip it by clicking a button as soon as it appears.