SamG in BasicallyWiz's comment

You’re not the only one, but you gotta realise that one piece was never about seriousness or really gory fights. One piece was always about the adventure, and luffy was always goofy. Now that hes taken on the form of “sun god nika” who is introduced as the person with true freedom, it only makes sense that his fights are portrayed in the perspective of luffy. If you want serious fights zoro and sanji are still there with that kind of animation. The cartoonish effect is actuallly a 1010 adaptation of the manga. The context also helps when you actually get to know what happened to his devil fruit


I can respect that, but I remember the manga having a much more serious tone than that. Then again, It was about five years ago, and I was in highschool at the time. Also the lack of boing zip bang sfx