Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina

椎名しいな ゆり

Second year in Kasensou Private Preparatory Academy. Childhood friend of Rintarou’s, and slow by nature. Speaks in a very wavy manner, and seems to always be smiling and having fun. She’s quite the optimist. She has trouble understanding complicated theories, but doesn’t mind as long as it’s enjoyable. Doesn’t like people arguing, and is depressed when things are unpleasant. Though she’d like to ease the situation in such cases, she’s not really good at reading between the lines. She often went with her grandmother to see the stars on her grandmother’s back. Because of that, she has a habit of reaching her arm out to the sky at times, which has led Rintarou to naming it the “Stardust Shakehand.” She abruptly does this (even if she’s talking with someone), which surprises everyone around her.



Birthday:February 1, 1994
Blood type:0
Height:152 cm
Weight:45 kg


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