Suzuha Amane

Suzuha Amane

A girl that really likes riding bicycles, and is quite energetic, though a little crude. If you stick around her, she’s surprisingly cautious. She is very helpful and a little too familiar with things, but doesn’t dig too deep. She’s also not quite comfortable with having other people help her. Her personality drastically changes when it comes to her own interests. She is proactive and has a habit of using strange and difficult vocabulary at times, but somehow you can tell she’s purposely doing so. She ended up hanging out with the Future Gadget Laboratory since she started working at the CRT TV Workshop.

It is revealed in Episode 14 that she came from the year 2036 to save the world from SERN’s rule. Therefore, she used the name John Titor on Internet boards so that Okabe and the others would notice. She was the one who sent the time machine crashing into Akihabara in 2010, right when the Phone Microwave was being developed. This time machine, revealed to have been created by Daru, could only go back in time, but could never go to the future.

In order to find the IBN 5100, Suzuha decides to go back to 1975 and then bring it to Okabe to stop SERN. In deciding so, she would have to leave 2010 and wouldn’t be able to come back. Dedicated to her mission, she decides to go. A few hours after her departure, Okabe and the others receive a letter from her, written in the year 2000. It revealed that she had failed to retrieve the PC, due to the time machine’s malfunction, causing her to lose her memory until the year 2000. It was revealed by Mr. Braun that she had committed suicide that day, but thanks to the D-Mail Okabe sent, her death changed from suicide to illness. This caused the meter to raise its number, but not up to 1%.

In the Drama CD, it’s revealed that after going back to 1975, she later became a professor in Akiha Yukitaka’s and Nakabachi (then Makise Shouichi)’s university, and started their interest in the creation of a time machine.



Blood type:O
Height:163 cm
Weight:51 kg


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