Kaname Chidori

Kaname Chidori

千鳥ちどり かなめ

Kaname is the main female protagonist of the story, and appears to be a “normal” 16 year-old high school student at first glance. The character was taken from a friend of the authors, whose name was also Kaname Chidori, living in Japan. However, the discovery of her Whispered abilities attracts the attention of terrorist organizations. As a result, Sousuke has been assigned by Mithril to protect her. While Sousuke Sagara’s battle intuition generally saves her from dangerous situations, she often considers Sousuke’s instincts an irritant in daily high school events, leading to countless comical situations.

Nonetheless, she and Sousuke continue to grow closer, to the point where they have expressed their feelings for each other.

Kaname’s Whispered abilities also grant her an inherent knowledge (but not necessarily understanding) of advanced mathematics and science. It is no surprise then, that she consistently achieves top scores in these subjects at school. Her abilities as a whispered, however, are a bit buggy. She does not know her full abilities, and also sometimes enters a near-trance, where she understands Black Technology completely.

After a point in the series, she makes it obvious to herself that she likes Sousuke, but that doesn’t stop her from hitting him with her Harisen. Kaname is very easy to anger, especially considering Sousuke’s antics. A humorous comment made by Kurz Weber about her anger was when he saw her lose her temper and commented, “What happened to my angel?” A majority of the stunts pulled by Sousuke will cause Kaname to go into a rage fit and either hit Sousuke or chew him out. However she has a soft spot for him and when he does a good job she will often cook for him or give him a compliment.



Name:Kaname Chidori
Height:166 cm
Weight:50 kg
Blood Type:B
Place of Birth:Japan
Distinguishing features:Long, blue hair


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