Kurz Weber

Kurz Weber


Kurz is a member of Mithril and has the rank of Sergeant in the SRT (Special Response Team) of the Tuatha de Danaan (TDD-1) Pacific Battle Group. He has the call sign Urzu-6 and his ID number is B-3127. He is an SRT Arm Slave pilot and designated marksman, equally proficient with sniper rifles and Arm Slave long range precision cannons. It is said he can visualize the exact trajectory of a bullet, resulting in an almost inhuman accuracy. He most often forms a three-man cell with squadmate Sousuke Sagara and squad leader Melissa Mao. He is regarded as a finicky genius, burdening the Mithril mechanics with extremely difficult to understand complaints and requests.

Kurz is a Caucasian male, roughly six feet tall. He is of German decent, and sports a blond mullet and has blue eyes. He is very good looking, and combined with his outgoing personality easily befriends most people. His reputation with women in romantic terms is largely spoiled by his unflinching and overdone pursuit of “the fairer sex”.

Kurz can speak Japanese, English and German fluently. He had aspirations of becoming a professional blues singer before he was a soldier. From this, Kurz can sing and play the guitar quite well, entertaining the ersatz hostage Jindai High students with his rendition of “Take me out Mariana Trench!” in the novel, A Dancing Very Merry Christmas!.

In the scope of the main anime and novel series, Kurz is shown being deployed in Tokyo with Melissa and Sousuke in protecting Kaname Chidori. During the course of the show, he displays his extreme talent with a WA2000 rifle. A notable shot is made from a back of a moving truck into the open gun port of the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger cannon of the Behemoth. Later, Kurz assists Sousuke in subduing John Danigan and Guen Bien Bo, two SRT members turned defectors after Gauron had hijacked the Tuatha de Danaan. His hand to hand combat skills in this incident are harshly judged as being “worse than a city punk” by Melissa Mao.

He is known to be a hard hitter on women and speaks in vulgar and flippant language. Despite the negative attitude he has received from women, he is still Sousuke’s best friend from Mithril. Kurz annoys Melissa Mao greatly due to the open nature of his sexual feelings for her. In essence, he is Sousuke’s complete opposite in personality.

At the time of the novel “Dancing Very Merry Christmas!”, 1st Lieutenant Grouseax and the newly-promoted 2nd Lieutenant Melissa Mao placed him under observation for promotion to Sergeant Major. In the serialised novel “Tsudou to Make My Day”, Kurz is the SRT’s Sergeant Major.

His alias is Kalius, a name he used during the snatch operation on Vincent Bruno.



Name:Kurz Weber
Height:180 cm
Weight:70 kg
Blood Type:AB
Place of Birth:Japan
Distinguishing features:Blonde hair, Blue eyes
Codename:Urzu 6


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