Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose


The title character of the show is a 15-year-old girl who typically dresses in a black dress and a red cloak. She wields Crescent Rose, a scythe that can transform into a high caliber sniper rifle. Her Semblance is called “Speed”, enabling her to run faster than the human eye can catch, and change directions in mid-air.

As her mother Summer Rose died when she was very young, Ruby is raised on the island of Patch by her father Taiyang and older half-sister Yang Xiao Long. Her uncle Qrow Branwen teaches her how to wield a scythe and fight properly, with Ruby stating that she was “complete garbage” before he took her in as his pupil. At the start of the series, when she fights off a group of robbers at a Dust shop, she impresses Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy, and is allowed to transfer from Signal Academy to Beacon two years early, entering in the same class as Yang, with the goal of becoming a Huntress. Inspired by the heroic fairy tales Yang read to her as a child, Ruby strives to become a Huntress to protect the world from evil. Although she is socially awkward at first, obsessed with weapons and dependent on her sister, she becomes friends with her classmates, and exhibits skills and qualities that eventually place her as the leader of Team RWBY.





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