Weiss Schnee

Weiss Schnee


Weiss is the second member of Team RWBY. The 17-year-old girl has long white hair and a noticeable scar over her left eye, which she received from a fight with an armored knight. Her weapon is a Dust revolver/rapier named Myrtenaster. The sheath can create more than one change of elemental Dust, using a dial like silver encasement just above the bottom of her sword. The Dust crystals encrusted in the encasement allow Weiss to change the power of her sword in battle. Her Semblance is unique in the way that it is the hereditary Semblance of the Schnee Family, consisting of “Glyphs” that have a variety of push and pull effects, and the ability to summon foes that were previously defeated by the Semblance user. Weiss has had trouble using her summoning ability which she, despite advancements in the Volume 3 finale, does not seem to fully control.

Weiss is an heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, a powerful and rich corporation based in the kingdom of Atlas that is infamous for its sometimes shady business dealings, dangerous practices, and the mistreatment of its Faunus laborers. Both the SDC and the Schnee family have been targets of the White Fang terrorist organization for years, leading to Weiss’ inherent distrust of the Faunus. Weiss chose becoming a Huntress and going to school in a different kingdom over taking a job at SDC. Her goal is to restore her family’s honor, as she does not agree with her father’s business methods. At the start of the show, she was shown as self-centered, standoffish, and an obnoxious know-it-all, but she has since matured somewhat over the course of the show, repeatedly showing great trust in her teammates and even protecting the Faunus Velvet Scarlatina during battle. Weiss greatly admires her older sister Winter, but has a more distant relationship with the rest of her family. She had a crush on Neptune Vasilias during Season 2, but gets angry with him when he flirts with other girls.





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