Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna


Blake is a young girl with long, black hair and sharp yellow eyes. She is often one of the more cool and collected characters, although she’s very passionate about taking action when she sees inequality or injustice occurring right in front of her. She believes strongly that everyone has the right to be treated as equals, regardless of if they’re Faunus or not. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind when someone is being treated unfairly or when she strongly disagrees with another persons point of view. Blake is also an introvert, spending much of her time alone reading, although as the series develops, she enjoys spending more and more time with her team.

In combat Blake uses her own personal weapon Gambol Shroud which is a katana and bladed sheath that both act as effective melee weapons. The katana is also capable of transforming into a pistol when needed, giving Blake more versatility in combat. Blake also uses her semblance frequently in combat, which allows her to leave a brief shadow copy of herself to distract or confuse opponents.





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