Itsuki Kawasumi

Itsuki Kawasumi

Itsuki Kawasumi is the Bow Hero, one of the four Legendary Heroes summoned in Melromarc.

On his way home from prep school, he was suddenly hit by a speeding truck with no warning. He later found himself summoned to another world as one of the 4 Legendary Heroes, The Bow Hero.

He feels in his own mind that he’s the strongest of the heroes, and he undergoes stealthy missions to kill corrupt nobles and save villages almost always just for the praise. Being a bullied child has left Itsuki with a desire to be special and superior, his sense of justice and need for praise both stem from this, as does his inability to deal with the meek Rishia, who reminds him of his weakness.

Itsuki was found in Zeltbur Coliseums for money to aid Mald and Malty for their so called justice. Naofumi, Ren and Rishia tried to reason with him but failed leading to a death match between Itsuki and Rishia where the latter emerged victorious. Under the influence of the Curse Series, Itsuki wishes to make everyone in the world understand him and believe his version of justice, via brainwashing arrows, he goes completely off-kilter, trying to outright kill Rishia when she said his stance on justice was utterly mistaken, ignoring what she said and saying that everyone and everything that goes against his beliefs to be evil.



Country:Japan (former), Melromarc
Occupation:High School Student (former), Legendary Hero
Weapon:Legendary Bow
Source:Shield-Hero Wikia


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