Shia Haulia

Shia Haulia


Shia first appeared when Hajime and Yue were traveling in the Raisen Grand Canyon while being chased by a monster like a “shameless rabbit.” She was in this situation because she foresaw Hajime would help her family. She soon became their traveling companion in the long run, having the attitude to get clingy to Hajime with energetic words and actions.

She came from a demi-human race tribe called Haulia, RabbitMan. She was described as having a body with beautiful curves, “melon” sized chest, grey hair having traces of blue pigments, blue eyes and of course bunny ears. She was discriminated by her own race because she was born different as a demi-human being able to use magic which resulted to Haulia tribe’s banishment.

Shia wields a war hammer “Doryukken” made, named and enhanced by Hajime. Her age is 16 and has a job class of Diviner and also known for her Physical strengthening and “Foresight” ability.





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