Tio Clarce

Tio Clarce


Tio is a “pervert” with the main status of M but she is honest and the words this one speakeas are similar to the old legends. Her “M” personality was made into this because she was defeated by Hajime’s party in the northern mountains of the village of Ul. She devoted herself to Hajime to become his slave and called Hajime “Master.”

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Tio originally came from the Ryujin tribe Clarce, half-dragon. Her magic and defense are significantly high especially in her Dragon form, even Hajime’s party attacks only cracked the scales of this dragon. She is aged 563 years old and respected by Yue but not for so long. Her appearance is a woman of her 20’s with “watermelon” chests and golden eyes. Her dragon form is e few meters long with golden eyes and has black dragon scales. Her job class is Guardian.





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