Kyouji Nemoto

Kyouji Nemoto

The class representative of sophomore Class B. He’s known in the school for having a bad reputation, as seen when he tricked few students of class F to get the mock test paper. It has also been proven when he destroyed the resources of Class F just to gain advantage but even though Class F were at a disadvantage they still defeated him. He also took Himeji’s love letter for Yoshii Akihisa (Yoshii thought it was for Yuuji). The reason why he was defeated was because Tsuchiya Kouta managed to bring Nishimura-sensei with him and defeated him after Yoshii distracted him. In order not to exchange rooms, he was asked to change into a girl’s uniform and to go declare a mock-ESB on Class A. He had a girlfriend, the class representative of Class C, Koyama Yuuka. But after Yuuka saw him in a girl’s uniform, she broke up with him.





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