Shouko Kirishima

Shouko Kirishima

Shouko Kirishima is the childhood friend of Yuuji Sakamoto. She is the top student in her level and the class representative for class A. In the story, she is portrayed as a soft-spoken, but highly assertive and intelligent girl. In the novel, her dialog always starts with ellipses. She is described as elegantly beautiful and very popular like a typical Yamato Nadeshiko, but yet has no boyfriend, which initially created the impression to others that she is a lesbian. Later, it was revealed that the reason for this is because she is crazily infatuated with Yuuji since childhood and acts possessively towards him, to the point of frequently poking out his eyes in order to prevent him from seeing other girls’ underwear, applying locks and chains while they are together, using a hand-held taser if he is being ‘unfaithful’ to her, and even attempted to submit a marriage certificate to the civil registrar (but fails in the anime due to them being underage). Despite being tricked multiple times, she still shows a trusting nature towards Yuuji and practically believes everything he says. Shouko is also shown to be someone who is a very long-term thinker, and has already decided on her children’s names (Shoyu for a girl, and Kosho for a boy). She is also “hopeless when it comes to gadgets” (機械音痴) and is known to ruin any electronic gadget that falls into her hands, although in the novels she brings one that contains Yuuji’s supposed voice proposing to her and claims its ‘normal music’. While she is a part of class A, Shouko often hangs around Akihisa’s inner circle of class F only because she wants to be around Yuuji. Her Shoukanjuu is clad in Samurai armor and wields a Japanese longsword. During the ESB field error, her Shoukanjuu also becomes an adult version of herself wearing only an apron and lingerie.



Class Rank:Year 2 Class A
Birthdate:July 26


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