Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Shirogane

The student council president of Shuchiin Academy.

Monstruously smart, placing among the top in the nation in mock exams, he’s skilled in management as well, so he is respected by others as a genius, but it is more correct to say that he’s addicted to hard work.

He will never turn down an opportunity to listen to people who come to talk to him or do favors for them, and sincerely invests himself in others’ well-beings. He cannot leave others in trouble, and has a knack for finding those in trouble as well. He studies for ten hours a day and works part-time jobs too, resulting in a life where no one knows how or when he even sleeps.

He’s in love with Kaguya, the school council vice president, but refuses to express his feelings to her because he thinks that the one who confesses to the other is going to be the weaker person in the relationship.





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