Francesca Lucchini

Francesca Lucchini


Joining the 501st from the Duchy of Romagna, Francesca is the youngest soldier of the unit at a mere twelve years. Her rank is that of a Warrant officer and her unit affiliation was with Romagna’s Regia Aeronautica 4th Air Unit. Francesca is often childish and self-indulgent, shirking training and other duties in order to have fun around the base or nap. However, in battle she displays a true talent and passion for flying. Also displayed are the ears and tail of a black leopard. Good friends with the similarly casual Charlotte. During battles she carries a M1919 A6, Breda-SAFAT 12.7 mm machine gun, or Beretta Model 1938A. Her Striker Unit is based on the G.55 Centauro, and her ace archetype is Franco Lucchini.





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