Tenka Kumou

Tenka Kumou

The eldest, strongest brother. He raised the younger siblings after their parents died and is now head of the family. He is very popular and has a light-hearted personality, which hides his many concerns.

When their parents were murdered, Tenka was fatally wounded protecting Soramaru. The government’s secret chemistry division forcibly made Tenka a test subject of an experiment involving Orochi cells (the Kumo family is one of the candidate families for the Orochi vessel, making Tenka a perfect subject). After Tenka was given Orochi cells, he was miraculously healed. This was all under the condition that when the Orochi cells overtake him, he would be sentenced to death and dissected for further experimentation purposes. As a result, he has super human strength but needs to constantly take medication to stabilize his condition.

Later on, the government retracted their decision and kept Tenka alive.



Birthday:July 7
Height:175 cm
Weight:68 kg
Blood type:B


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