Luca Angelloni

Luca Angelloni


Alto and Michael’s junior classmate. He is often frustrated with his seniors, who like to give him a hard time. He is a genius with computers and military electronics. As with Michael, he is a member of the S.M.S. Skull Squadron. He seems to show some interests towards Nanase. He pilots a green RVF-25 (reconnaissance version). His fighter is custodied by three pet Ghost Drones (which he calls Shimon, Johanne and Petero, or Simon, John and Peter) that respond to his verbal commands. His penchant for naming objects with Biblical names extends to his EX-Gear, which he calls “Samson”. He is also the heir to the L.A.I. corporation, which means he has access to exotic technologies and is somewhat involved in Grace and Leon’s plans. It is also strongly hinted that he has a crush on his classmate Nanase Matsuura.


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