Downloading soundtracks


Some soundtracks on this website have been removed from yt/soundcloud and since they are stored on the website’s servers, maybe provide a download option for users?




Doing some test i found a way to download sounds but i am not sure if this is even legal so i won’t recommend it. Normally it should be allowed because its just the link of the audio loaded by the interface

The audio loading schematic is “[AudioID]|[YoutubeServiceID].[file_extension]” You can get the AudioID directly in the url of the song. For the YoutubeServiceID you need to go in the edit section and found the Youtube ServiceID TexteBox. Don’t forget to verify in the History if “SoundTrack.Media[0].ServiceID” have been updated, if it was, the new ServiceID is the updated one in History. Finally for the file_extension you will need to try it randomly, the most commons i see in my tests was .ogg. You can also try .mp3, .m4a or .opus

Here Pre-Parade of ToraDora! :|jFbvHnWj-Qs.ogg Here STONE WORLD of Dr. Stone :|dygx4EZsUe8.opus Here Koyoi mofumofu!! of Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (published by me) :|ghH5wzk_o3Y.m4a