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Since everyone this year is looking forward and seeing the greatness of the development of anime production with the latest anime of the previous season and the current season, I would love to present to you the worst anime of this year and I will tell you why this anime is not only the worst anime of this year, but also the worst anime produced so far, gentlemen. Ex-Arm Butter Watch the manga and never look at the anime except yourself as if the manga were not adapted to anime an introduction they published a promotional show that was reaped by dislikes and the funny thing is that its propaganda show in the last how many seconds they wrote to us that it will compete with the best science fiction anime or perhaps it will overcome it and the truth is they were right, but in contrast to what they said they entered a competition for the worst science fiction anime. Questions poses Why did we see anime like this being produced so poorly? You might ask, right? Well, this anime is adapted from a manga with the same name, and in fact the manga is very wonderful and worth reading, but on the other hand the anime is the worst that it can be, let us from this and let me tell you the reasons: 1- All those involved in animating and producing anime as employees who do not have any previous experience in production 2- A new director also entered us from Hell to get us out of this disgusting eye Only these reasons that I can tell you to the best of my knowledge. Questions poses The question here is how can the production of such a bad come to go out in public be presented somewhere? The answer is very simple, my friends: It is one of the original Crunchyroll works Everyone knows Crunchyroll recently entered the anime production market instead of streaming it as before, and We wished they hadn’t entered even though its entry was a positive thing to change the idea of ​​anime making, and I mean here to limit the anime to be based on a manga only they recently made it from original works that were adapted from WebToon Korean, and this will open the door to producing anime adapted from WebToon in the future. Despite Crunchyroll’s interference in the policy of producing its quoted works, this made it so bad that some of those works were as if they were somewhat empty but it does not matter. Questions poses How do I know that this anime is the worst anime I have ever watched? Well, maybe you watched the anime and it is impossible that you like it! I’ll tell you the points through which I learned that I was seeing some mold that took away from my valuable life time: 1- this anime looks to me as if it was produced on a game engine, why do I say that? Well you will notice the shape of the characters, the way they move and the facial features. 2- Damn the eyes of the characters in this anime are really scary, I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one who started to feel that the characters are looking at me without blinking or are they really like this ?! 3- Visual effects that are harmful to the eyes, I swear to you that I did not see visual effects worse than this. Perhaps they searched for it on the Internet and used it and did not even get tired in producing visual effects 4- Transitions between shot and snapshot I do not mean motion shots, but rather a snapshot, for example, when the hero felt dizzy, the transition was as if they used the production program that was in Windows 7 with the system. 5- the anime environment is empty, with a world like this, I felt as if i was seeing an image that had been folded and rerouted to create such an environment for us 6- The bad fighting movements, when you see the fights of the characters in this anime, you will wish you hadn’t stayed alive for such a day when you see something disgusting like this. 7- The bad animation, although the anime looks as if it is a CG, but I think that it is even worse than saying this CG, how can you make a character’s movement slow to the point that you feel that the world has stopped and the character is only moving, this is logical Because the entire anime world seems as if it is a game world from the days of the GameCube ​​device, although I think that I wronged GameCube ​​with this phrase 8- They did not even get tired in creating an opening worthy of the beginning song, which is kind of not bad, but the video that is presented with the song itself copied and pasted the bad promotional that they showed us previously with adding some harmful effects to the eye 9- The characters’ voice, as soon as I heard the characters speak I began to feel as if there was a layer of influence placed on the voices of the voices to appear in this disgusting way, because it is actually from the beginning of the anime to end the sound is very, very, very disturbing. these are the points that I have judged that this anime is garbage The funny thing is this anime is produced by Visual Flight studio, which seems to be their first work, and in fact it may be their first and last work. If they continue to produce anime with this poor quality, I think that the studio will not stand up to much. Who participated in the production of this nonsense? I am pleased to present to you a list of participating producing companies: Nippon Animation, BS Fuji, Shueisha, Yomiuri TV Enterprise, Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund, MAGNET, Video Market, Royal Limousine Of course, only a short period of time elapsed since the presentation of the first episode, until the anime was evaluated as the worst anime ever made. This evaluation is not only from the Arabs or the English speakers, but even the Japanese themselves talk about how bad this anime is. In conclusion, I wanted to thank you for reading all these words, and I apologize if there any mistake in writing some words, maybe from time to time I will write like this Who knows?


TL, DR but you have convinced me to never even consider watching this anime 😂


not worth your time, believe me


can’t belif I read the whole thing

guess I’ll watch it since it’s bad

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