Med in Question about soundtrack

You can publish the soundtracks without confirmation, anyone can also edit them. Basically, try to find the official music video, the native lyrics are in full Japanese or if the music is in another language, it is in the language used. Romaji lyrics, well the name already speaks for itself. Links are used to add additional content if you want, for example, if the song is on spotify or apple music, you can put a link to it. The tags are already explained on the soundtrack page. If you are wondering how to find lyrics or how to find anime sounds, they are at the end of each episode in the “credits” or you can go to my profile where I have links to help you in my description. You can also use others site if you prefer, these link are just to help peoples who don’t know one.

EDIT : I just saw in the logs that you where making a soundtrack but didn’t press the publish button, if you search the Japanese name of the song its “命の灯火”. I also found a clip published by a confirmed source. Also, the song sound good, i personally like it 🎶


Ouhh wow didnt expect this long explanation xd, this really helpful thank you, ya,I like this op too!


1 more question: it is ok if I post with unavailable video?i mean when I put the service ID it stated that the video is unavailable


Yes, the video should be downloaded by servers anyways its just a setting that disable youtube external embed for these video, some youtube channel turn them on for some reason 🤷‍♂️. There some rare case when it doesn’t work and the video will not bedownloaded and i cannot do something about it, i can always try to lunch a re-download if the main serviceID is modified but other than that, there nothing i can do.


ooh i understand, thanks