SanyamGarg in Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara

I just want to rant on how much this series got destroyed in the 5th season.

  1. NO more cooking, NO more foodgasms.
  2. Literal nonsense and boring shit
  3. Conjuring random jutsus, creating fire dragons, falling into the void, fainting, riding on fuckking motorbikes and using pokemon moves while cooking.
  4. Freezing each other???

You know, previous seasons also had a bunch of bullshit, like the dress break ability of nakiri family, or the whole food porn thing, but it was funny, hillarious, small tiny things that make the viewer laugh. The main point was still on cooking

On the other hand, if people start using kage bunshin no jutsu while cooking, its not really a cooking show anymore


agreed, I think the first couple seasons really lay the groundwork for the character growth, and then the whole show becomes repetitive and average.