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lol idk im watching like 5 but they are on going so I watch like 1 ep a day of them but if the anime is really good ill watch like 10 eps a day but rn im watching jujutsu kaisen, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, and Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season and i just finished all of code geass. But that’s not 20 idk how people can watch that much i forget what happens between each one and makes it not enjoyable.


love your choice of anime!

I do agree with how forgetting what happened ruins the experience unless you have great memory then yeah 20 animes or more could be possible

You recommend Code Geass?


yeah i just finished it and it’s pretty good it makes you think a lot and theres a good bit of action. The start might seem a bit bland but it just gives you basic info so you know what the later events mean. idk if that makes sense but yea… lol it’s pretty good


Also i could tell a lot of time was spent on the anime because a lot of it was very well thought out but personally if i want to watch a flashy good looking anime with decent story ill go for dragon ball. I still rate both a 10 because I just enjoy dragon ball even though there are flaws but at times code geass could be a little dull or somewhat boring but i still watched it all in like 3 days cuz it was that good.


I am currently watching 9 anime, reading 16 webtoons, watching 2 netflix series and reading 4 manga :P trust me it doesn’t ruin the experience.