A pleasant surprise, first anime I will keep an eye out for this season.

  • Lolis with cute art style

  • Comedic world which reminds me of kuma kuma kuma bear

  • A protagonist with a rather nasty, yet for all intents and purposes, fascinating personality

  • The way she:

    - Coerced a goddess to give her multiple powers
    - Set up a guy she didn't like
    - Knock out a maid with chloroform
    - Steal everything from a noble's house

Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-50-44.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-53-18.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-53-50.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-54-31.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-56-01.png