Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy


Earl Alois Trancy, is the head of the Trancy household and referred to as “ Your Highness” by both his butler Claude Faustus, and his maid Hannah Anafeloz.

It is stated that he is 14 years old at the beginning of the story, with the birth date of November 5th.

Alois lies to his uncle, Arnold, by telling him a false story of his past after being suspected of not being the real Alois Trancy.

Although, later on his true past is revealed.

Alois’s emotions are quite unpredictable; one of his few consistent traits is his very deep attachment to his butler, Claude, demanding attention from him frequently. His mood swings tend to result in violent acts and he seems to have an overall cheerful disposition in spite of his hardships and misgivings, making him a sort of foil to Ciel. He takes an interest in having Ciel due to wanting Sebastian to suffer.

Alois appears to be easily angered and loses interest in things very quickly. He often uses harsh and impolite language, regardless to whom he is speaking to.

His contract mark is held on his tongue and not visible at all times. Ciel’s contract mark fades slightly when Sebastian is not near him (which is extremely rare) whereas Alois’ mark isn’t visible at all when Claude isn’t close by.

His real name was Jim Macken, who is an orphan that lived in a small village with his younger brother, Luka. The two brothers were treated unkindly ever since their parents passed away, and as a result of this, Jim (Alois) resents the villagers and deep hatred ignited in him. He wished so desperately for their deaths.

Soon after, when the villagers ended up dying in a fire killing almost everyone (including Luka), boys who survived were sent to Earl Trancy’s estate, where Earl Tracy uses Jim and the other boys to fulfill his pedophilia needs. While there, Jim overhears a conversation between few boys who speak of summoning a fairy, and Jim ends up summoning Claude, however, Claude rejects it telling him that he couldn’t form a contract with him if he didn’t have a wish.

Jim, one day, goes to Earl Trancy’s room and seduces him which ends up granting him with the new position as the Earl’s “favorite pet”. When Earl Trancy dies, Jim takes over, releases the captive boys, and becomes “Alois Trancy”.

Not knowing that it was actually Hannah who killed Luka (Luka forms a contract with Hannah in order to grant his brother’s wish for the villagers to all die), Alois is told by Claude that the person who is allegedly responsible for the strange deaths in the village was another demon, Sebastian Michaelis. Alois then forms a contract with Claude, his wish being to take revenge on Sebastian by not killing him, but making him suffer by taking Ciel Phantomhive, his young master, from him.



Birthday:5th November 1874
Height:165 cm (5'5")
Source:wikia, Alois Trancy obsession, EarlCiel


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