Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida

The president of class 1-A, a very studious boy who seems serious and scary at first glance, although he is just being honest and strict regarding qualifications to become a hero. During the entrance exam, he repeatedly chastises Izuku for what he perceives as being disrespectful. However, after he witnesses Izuku selflessly save Ochako during the exam, he comes to the (false) belief that Izuku deduced the true nature of the exam. Concluding Izuku is better than him, Tenya immediately apologizes for his behavior and befriends him, despite Izuku’s repeated attempts to tell him the truth. Tenya eventually becomes the class president after Izuku, who won by vote but was too nervous to hold the position, forfeited it to him. Tenya’s Quirk is Engine which gives him super-speed via jet engines in his legs. He comes from a well-known family, who have been professional heroes for generations. His older brother in particular, Ingenium, inspired him to become a hero that will make his family proud.

His Hero name is initially “Tenya,” although he renames himself “Ingenium,” inheriting his brother’s name after he is crippled by a villain.



Birthday:August 22
Blood Type:A
Height:179 cm (5'10')


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