Kusuo Saiki

Kusuo Saiki

Saiki has an extremely uncaring personality. As a gifted psychic that can do anything he wants, he has long stopped caring about the world; however, he has shown to be extremely cautious, as he often runs from Nendou, the only person he fears, and is prone to immediately teleporting to far away places upon spotting an insect. Saiki has a sweet tooth, so he loves sweets, especially Coffee Jelly.

Fourteen days after his birth, Kusuo uttered his first word without moving his mouth and 1 month after birth he took his first step in midair. At the age of 1 was the first time Kusuo has voluntarily used his abilities, when his mother said they were out of mirin, Kusuo teleported away and returned with several bottles of mirin.

Saiki is a gifted psychic. Having obtained his powers since birth, the first signs of Saiki’s powers came from when he was able to hear the voices of his parents and he subsequently telepathically spoke back to them. Two months later, he demonstrated the ability to walk in the air. Saiki has stated that in three days, he can wipe out humanity. The full extent of all of his abilities is unknown.

Telekinesis Levitation Telepathy Teleportation Rapport Precognition Psychometry Clairvoyance Pyrokinesis Fulgurkinesis X-Ray Vision Apport Astral Projection Possession Cryokinesis Curse Death-warning ESP not to fog the glasses Hydrokinesis Hypnosis Invisibility Mediumship Memory Alteration Mind Control Play Stop Laser Perspective Petrification Psychic Hold Restoration Shrinking Power/Size Augmentation Song Cancellation Laser Super Strength Sweating Thoughtography Time Travel/Time Leaps Transformation



Birthday:August 16
Height:167 cm (may vary)
Weight:52 kg (may vary)
School:PK Academy
Year/Course:2nd year


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