Aren Kuboyasu

Aren Kuboyasu

Aren started his high school debut as a normal high school boy to rid himself of his delinquent past. But despite trying to be polite when hanging out with other people, there are times when he lose control and reverts back to being the delinquent he used to be. Because of this, Saiki was a little worried that Aren will cause trouble in the school.

On his first day, Aren tried to befriend Saiki but was ultimately rejected by Saiki’s legendary “You’re Annoying” face. But after witnessing every flock to Saiki despite him making is legendary face, Aren decided to try his best to befriend Saiki as well.

Despite his violent nature as a delinquent, Aren has a keen sense of friendship, loyalty, as well as the will to protect the weak. Aren, with the strong physical fortitude he gained from being a delinquent, has protected many of his fellow classmates from the local bullies.

His name is an anagram of “clairvoyance.”





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