Nobara Yukinokouji

Nobara Yukinokouji

The partner of Sorinozuka, she is a Yuki-onna (Snow woman). In her human form, she wears glasses and it seems to love fashion and girls. In her youkai form, she wears a long white dress. In her free time she likes to see adult magazines with beautiful women and she shares and discusses those moments with Sorinozuka.

She has a part-time job as a paranormal detective. Renshou sometimes tags along during her cases.

She died in the demon raid.

-Second arc-23 years later She is 14 years old, in her final year of middle school.

She does not live in the mansion at the beginning of the story. She is living at Renshou’s apartment.

Later, she will move to the Akayashi mansion as Ririchiyo’s SS agent since Ririchiyo broke her current contract with Soushi.

Nobara keeps her Maniac! personality along with her past memories and persona. The only differences to her is her height, age, hair length, and chest size. Everything else is the same.

She works alongside Natsume, Soronizuka, Karuta, and Kagerou on stopping the next demon parade.



Age:Appears 19 - 20
Height:170 cm
Birthday:January 6


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