Kagerou Shoukiin

Kagerou Shoukiin

Kagerou Shoukiin is Karuta’s partner and the former master of Soushi. As human he usually wears a mask and dresses in European ancient clothes while as youkai he uses a kimono and has horns and pointed ears. He is also Ririchiyo’s fiancé. Bossy, blunt, arrogant, eccentric and narcissistic he usually addresses the other members as “pigs”, “animals” or “bitches”. A total sadist who goes on and on about S&M

Despite his arrogant and eccentric attitude, he cares about his friends as noted when he made alone a good luck charm for Karuta after she woke up from her coma by folding 100 paper cranes by himself.

He died in the demon raid along with the rest.

-Second arc- 23 years later He is 20 years old. In this timeline, Kagerou still travels to other exotic locations of Japan, but once he is introduced in the story, then he does not travel any more due to the current situation.

He is still childhood friends with Natsume-who is his SS- and Soushi. All three of the friends went to the same high school. However, due to his new height, he tends to go to Ririchiyo and Chino’s high school as a special classmate of sorts.

In this timeline, the only change is that Ririchiyo and him exchange letters unlike in the last life where it was Soushi and Ririchiyo. Kagerou keeps his S and M personality, but he is much more playful and brute. His caring side can be easily seen as well.

It is highly hinted that Kagerou might have confessed to Ririchiyo in chapter 25. Kagerou is the one that forces Ririchiyo to face reality and regain her past memories and personality

His face was revealed to look exactly like Soushis’, after an enraged Ririchiyo slaps his mask away.

He works alongside Natsume, Renshou, Karuta, and Nobara to stop the next demon parade.

While everyone was arguing about who will go to the past to stop Inugami-going to the past means not reincarnating again and being erased in the timeline forever- he touches the sakura tree prepared to go himself to the past.

He is saved in the last minute by Karuta, who didn’t want him to be alone.



Height:183 cm
Birthday:April 13


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