Deathzaras began terrorizing the galaxy long before ascending to the position of Decepticon Emperor of Destruction. For thousands of years, this savage and cruel dictator has spread terror throughout the universe, and has now set his sights upon the Earth as a source of energy to power his terrifying superweapon, the Planet-Destroying Fortress. And if Star Saber should get in his way, so much the better: Deathzaras bears the Autobot Supreme Commander a bitter grudge, and relishes any opportunity to destroy him that presents itself.

Deathzaras is a Breastforce warrior, partnered with two transforming chestplates that become the Breast Animals Tigerbreast and Eaglebreast. He wields a deadly spiked flail, and the Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon, which erodes the living metallic cells of super-robot lifeforms. The bladed wings of his creature mode absorb sunlight, converting it into dark energy, and he can then launch these energized blades at his opponents in an attack known as his “Death Wing”. Despite all of these terrifying powers, however, Deathzaras is a surprisingly “hands off” leader, who is perfectly happy to allow his subordinates to formulate their own plans and schemes to gather energy for him—but if they should fail, he’ll always be there to berate and brutalize them. Even when the plans are his own, Deathzaras is content to watch and command from a distance, rather than dirty his own hands—but he’ll rarely waste a chance to engage Star Saber on the battlefield, and if that occurs, woe betide anyone who gets in Deathsaurus’s way.

Curiously, Deathzaras permits himself one distinctive, unusual foible: although he despises most humans, he has a surprising soft spot for children.


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