Star Saber

Star Saber


In the year 2025, a skilled swordsman named Star Saber is chosen by God Ginrai as leader of the Autobots.

Star Saber transforms into two robot forms, a smaller robot/plane named Saber combining with a sky sled known as the V-Star to form a larger ship or robot, similar to Ginrai combining with his trailer to form Super Ginrai. It is in this form he is known as Star Saber. His primary weapon is the star saber, a powerful sword. He also has a standard rifle at his disposal. In this form, his helmet/face resembles Optimus Prime’s, with a Red helmet rather than blue. The smaller Brainmaster component that enters Saber’s chest and becomes his face is named Yukio, which means Courage. He may combine with Victory Leo (The rebuilt God Ginrai) to form Victory Saber. This combination, though incredibly strong, is exceedingly unstable due to Victory Leo’s flawed personality.

In the various Japanese Transformers series, all of the robots made into toys carry serial numbers, usually preceded by a letter denoting allegiance, or a new series. Star Saber’s serial number is C-324.

He is also the foster father of a young human boy named Jan , who he rescued from the remains of a Destron (Decepticon) attack. Like any father, he wants what is best for his son, even taking the time to personally arrange Jan’s transfer to a school so he could be with children his age.


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