Asuhi Imizu

Asuhi Imizu

射水いみず アスヒ

Asuhi is a freshman who transferred from Mikagura Middle School. He is rather shy and reserved, prone to trembling, and gets flustered a lot. However, whenever he talks about stars, he always gets in high spirits. He has a high and overwhelming femininity according to many, since he is capable of tasks such as decorating room, cooking, as well as doing house chores, and he even won a “Male Student That You’d Want As a Little Sister” poll conducted by the Newspaper Club, though he was apparently bullied for it when he was a kid.

He uses his telescope as a media to activate his power. It allows him to shoot one big star bullet while the other small stars becomes path for the big one. It is also said that his type of attack is one-hit kill attack.



Birthday:November 17
Height:160 cm
Blood type:A
Club:Astronomy Club
Song:Izayoi Seeing
Power:Shooting Star
Source:Mikagura Gakuen Kumiyoku Wikia


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