Kyouma Kuzuryuu

Kyouma Kuzuryuu

When he was still a first-year-student, he was shown to always do his best in everything with a smile, and was liked by others. However, upon being backstabbed by people who he trusted and thought of as his friends, it lead to his transfer to Mikagura and having an unapproachable aura now.

The palette acts as his shield while the paints which float at its his free will act as the main weapon. The effect of each paint is different depending on its color (red paint can explode, yellow paint can flash light bullets, black paint can explode as well as reverberate loud sounds at the same time, etc). Each paint can also be combined to create a multiply effect, making it limitless. However, the accuracy and power depends on his distance to his opponent. When not in battle, they will also act violently and splat any surface whenever he is in a sour mood.



Birthday:August 11
Height:177 cm
Blood type:O
Club:Art Club
Song:Garakuta Innocene
Power:Palette Barette
Source:Mikagura Gakuen Kumiyoku Wikia


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