Shuu Ouma

Shuu Ouma

One of the main protagonists of Guilty Crown, who’s right hand holds a special power called “The Power of the King.” This ability allows him to extract weapons from his friends known as a “Void” which is a manifestation of a person’s personality.

He is an unsociable 17-year-old young man who usually tends to stay out of people’s way so as to not cause them any trouble. However, this changes when he meets a girl named Inori Yuzuriha. From that moment on, he must learn how to make friends because of his ability “The Power of King.”

Void: The King’s Heart

• Korosu Ouma (father, deceased) • Saeko Shijō (mother, deceased) • Haruka Ouma (step-mother, alive) • Mana Ouma (sister, deceased) • Inori Yuzuriha (partner, deceased)

After Hare dies, Shuu goes to Inori and forces her Void out against her will to slaughter all four Endlaves with emotionless eyes. Afterwards, he says that kindness is pointless and that he is going to become “The King.”

After the sudden resurrection of Gai, Shuu’s arm was cut off by Inori’s Void, which was forced out by the-now “evil” Gai.

After acquiring the second Void Genome Shuu reacquires the King’s Power and uses his own void as a replacement arm for the one that was cut off; It is shown that his Void absorbs all traits and also acts as a inventory allowing him to store voids; the trade back however is that he also acquires the negatives affects such as Souta’s cancer when he used Souta’s void.

After Shuu kills Gai, the Void Genome he previously owned fuses with his Void. He decides to use his Void to absorb all of the Apocalypse Cancer, whilst sacrificing himself and going down together with Inori, who was about to die in his arms. When meeting Inori in that Void-dimension, she asks Shuu to take the Cat’s Cradle. He accepts it, unknowingly that Inori was about to sacrifice herself to save Shuu. He then suddenly breaks out of the Apocalypse Crystals.

A few years later he’s seen celebrating Hare’s birthday. He has lost his sight, probably when he was absorbing everyone’s cancer including that of Inori, losing his sight in progress.

Afterwards, he’s seen reminiscing about Inori and the short time they’ve spent together.



Birthday:July 21
Height:172 cm (5'7")
School:Tennōzu First High School, 2-A Class
Team:Funeral Parlor
Anime Debut:Episode 1
Manga Debut:Chapter 1


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