Souji Okita

Souji Okita

Okita is another main character of HSK and he is the captain of the Shinsengumi’s first regiment or troop. He’s also a lieutenant along side Hijikata. Okita has a laid back and nonchalant personality and also likes to tease Hijikata, who does get quite annoyed by it. It seems they both are much closer to each other than the other Shinsengumi members as they have been Shinsengumi for a longer time than the others.

He’s also has been told that he had been the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi by Kaoru.

Okita dies in episode six of the second season, near the ending. He ends up going to the village that Hijikata and Chizuru are currently staying in and overhears some thugs going to kill Hijikata. Thus, Okita decides to defend Hijikata on behalf of Kondou.


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Height:176 cm
Rank:First Division Captain


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