Minako Aino

Minako Aino

Minako is the fourth member of the Sailor Team to be discovered by Sailor Moon, and serves as the leader of the Guardian Senshi who protect her. She uses love-related powers. In the manga and anime series she dreams of becoming a famous idol, whereas in the live-action series her character is refactored to already be a celebrity.

Silly or serious, Minako consistently displays great confidence, enthusiasm, and leadership skill. She is the “owner” of Artemis, the white guardian cat who introduced her to her life as a Senshi. He lives in her home (as Luna lives in Usagi’s) and is one of her closest friends.



Birthday:October 22
Blood type:B
Favorite color:yellow, red
Favorite class:Physical Education
Favorite food:curry, ramen, gyoza
Least favorite food:shiitake
Dislikes:Mama and police officers
Favorite stone:Topaz
Motto:If you fall down, lift yourself up!


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