Mucheng Su

Mucheng Su

The Guild’s All-Star Launcher, also known as the number 1 beauty of Glory.

She became a member of Excellent Era in the 4th season (part of Glory’s “Golden Generation”), and became Ye Xiu’s best partner after joining. She is Su Muqiu’s little sister. Was awarded “Most Excellent Partners” with Ye Xiu from seasons 4-7. Champion of the 10th server in Glory. Won second place in the 4th season’s Professional League Tournament.

In the tenth server she partnered with Ye Xiu and proposed a challenge against Excellent Era in the Finals to enter Team Happy, which she later joined.

On the tenth server after becoming champions and after Ye Xiu’s retirement, Su Mucheng became the Captain of Team Happy. Team Happy was one of the teams to participate in Glory’s World Tournament.



Birthday:February 18
Height:167 cm
Blood type:B
User ID:Dancing Rain (main), Cleansing Mist (10th server)
Character weapon:Devouring Sun
Honorable Title:All-Star Launcher
Hand Speed/APM:300+
Relative:Su Muqiu


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