Rou Tang

Rou Tang

A pretty girl that isn’t thick-headed, and has a competitive personality. She has a pair of hands that is as quick as Ye Xiu’s and a high APM. To earn money for her family, she originally went overseas to learn piano, but because she failed in piano and also lost to Ye Xiu in Glory while at the Happy Net Cafe playing for Chen Guo, she started to play Glory. She has a violent fighting style, regarded by many professional gamers as the best offense player. She is also the tenth season’s most sought-after rookie player.

Tang Rou works as a waitress at Happy Net Cafe.



Hand speed:400+
Birthday:April 13
Blood type:A
Height:169 cm
User ID:Soft Mist
Class:Battle Mage
Character weapon:Dancing Fire Flowing Flame
Relatives:Tang Shusen
Honours:Best Rookie of the 10th server


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