Shoukichi Komachi

Shoukichi Komachi

Shoukichi Komachi is a Japanese man who was a member of both the BUGS 2 expedition and the Annex I.Despite disliking conflict, has a strong sense of justice. When he was 15 years old, he saw his childhood friend Nanao’s stepfather abusing her and killed the man with his bare hands to protect her. After being released from juvenile prison, he underwent the B.U.G.S. procedure to follow after her.

The DNA used in Shokichi’s Bug Procedure came from the Insect that kills more human beings in japan per year than either sharks or bears: The Japanese giant hornet, subspecies of the Asian giant hornet. Unlike most of the bees or hornets, who only attack in order to defend their hive, the Japanese giant hornet will attack anything that approaches their hives or the trees and other hives they are preying upon. Also unlike bees, who sting only once, the hornet will sting until it runs out of venom. As a result of this, Shokichi’s insect form grants him not only enhanced strength and twin venomous stingers on each of his hands, but also the ferocity of the Hornet, evidenced by his savagery in stinging the Roaches even after they died. Due to this trait, both Captain Davis, Ichiro and Julia were warned to steer clear of Shokichi when in his transformed state.

After twenty years of training, his control over his transformed state has increased dramatically. He is shown to be calm in combat, showing none of the uncontrolled aggression that he was once characterized for. In addition, he has discovered the ability to fire of his stingers as short range, armor piercing projectiles. These stingers are also shown to grow back if given sufficient time. He also learned martial arts as he used foot technique while fighting two enhanced Terraformars which proved to be effective.

His wasp venom is highly potent able to kill most anything in a few minutes but it does have drawbacks. The venom does not have much effect on creatures or people that have a stronger venom than he does as when he blasted the chinese captain full in the face with one of his stingers but it had no effect due to how the chinese gave this captain the abilities of the Blue-Ringed octopus which is one of the deadliest animals in the world.



Mars ranking:#3
Age:22 ( Bugs II ), 42 ( Annex I )
Height:187 cm
Weight:87 kg
Surgery base:Japanese Giant Hornet (Vespa Mandarinia Japonica)
Blood type:A
Favorite food:hotpot, beef stew, curry, tropical fish
Birthday:August 20 (Leo)
Hobbies:growing coral
Source:Terra Formars Wikia


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