Akari Hizamaru

Akari Hizamaru

He is trained in Martial Arts at dojo run by director of orphanage (although it was described as “karate” in the foreign underground ring, it is actually an old form of Jiu-Jitsu). After the death of his childhood friend, he chose to join the Annex Project to find the cure of the deadly A.E. virus that afflicts the Earth.

After undergoing the M.O. Operation, he gained the powers of the Eumeta japonica, which allows him to produce very thin but incredibly strong flexible threads that are hard to be seen and cannot be broken by the Terraformars.

He is the son of Nanao Akita, which caused him to be born with a dense muscle build. Akari also inherited many traits from his mother, which made him highly compatible for the M.O. Operation.



Mars Ranking:#6
Height:177 cm
Weight:91 kg - 96 kg (while on duty)
Surgery Base:Japanese Bagworm Moth (Eumeta Japonica)
Eye color:Brown
Blood type:O
Favorite food:Anything filling
Birthdate:Unknown. He considers August 2 as his birthday
Hobbies:Illustration, reading
Source:Terra Formars Wikia


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