Iori Sekiguchi

Iori Sekiguchi

Her power creates a approx. 2.5m radius area around her which makes people who enter this area to be able to read other people’s thought who are in that same created area. This area moves along with her and she cannot control this power.

Because of this power, she was not able to become friends with anyone and was not even able to stay in her own house.

She later confesses that her best friend Honoka who was always with her suddenly stopped being with her and started hanging out with some other group of friends. Even if she asked for reason she didn’t tell it. So she thought that she did something wrong and wished to read her mind.

Later Honoka reveals that Iori has a incurable disease and won’t live long, so she separated from her. After fighting with Nao Honoka and Iori reconcile.





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