Tabane Shinonono

Tabane Shinonono

She has purple eyes, long purple hair that extends to her hips, wears a lab-coat and a pair of robotic rabbit ears. Tabane is often seen wearing a frilly maid like blue and white dress. Much to everybody’s surprise, Tabane is a very energetic person and runs around like a happy kid. She often refers herself as “Tabane the Genius”, hinting to a sense of cockiness. She is very fond of the people she loves and would hug them as many times as she feels like. Her explosive entrances and her childish manners often costs her being hit on the head by people like Chifuyu and Houki, but she recovers extremely fast and gets energetic again. Although she sometimes acts like a kid, her intelligence is at the top of the world and can work at a very fast rate, such as adjusting the Akatsubaki to fit Houki’s body in less than a minute and declaring that she can finish configuring Akatsubaki in just seven minutes.





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