Lingyin Huang

Lingyin Huang

The Chinese Representative of the Infinite Stratos Academy and the pilot of the Shen Long, Lingyin is the second childhood friend of Ichika. She was best friends with Ichika during their days in Junior High School and had a crush on him because of him standing up for her when several kids bullied her due to her nationality. Of all of the cast members, she is perhaps the most open to physical interaction with him (although this mostly platonic physical interaction). During her stay in Japan, Ichika would visit her family’s restaurant as his sister was out at work most of the time and she is a natural cook. Before she left however, she made a promise to him that he would marry her if she could cook well for him. Ichika however misinterpreted that for free food.

She joined the academy shortly after Cecilia became another member in his harem and among the cast is known for her flat chest which she takes heavy offense to.





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