Takayuki Furuichi

Takayuki Furuichi

Furuichi is one of the main protagonists of Beelzebub.

Furuichi is Oga’s best friend and along with him is a 1st year at Ishiyama High. After finding out about Oga’s baby he joins him up in his search for a new parent. He is actually the most normal person in the anime/manga because he tries to add common sense to everything. He also has no powers.

Although Furuichi does retain a rational, passive and calm demeanor, he usually reacts in an insane (but often comical) fashion whenever a character does something outrageous. This usually comes as a surprise to the others around him.

He also has an overly wild imagination when it comes to women, always fantisizing about them in a overly perverted manner which earned him his common nickname among the female characters “Creepichi”. Despite his desire to hit it off with the ladies, he often fails to please them or get their attention because most of them, demon or human, are stronger than him and many moments of comic relief in the series arise when his advances on girls are foiled, particularly by Alaindelon.

His attitude changes when women are involved in a situation. Out of sheer instinct, Furuichi acts “cool” in order to impress the woman involved. He is shown to gain some bravery from it, but this often gets him into bigger trouble than he already is in.

Furuichi is the first one to try to think of how to avoid a problem, rather than trying to use force (which he lacks). Due to this as well as his close association with the delinquets despite not having a rough personality at all himself, many mistakenly consider him a “strategist” or “ring leader” for the delinquents.

A lot of Furuichi’s real personality is revealed after he gains the Devil Contract Tissus. After he realizes how strong he’s become from using them, he became intoxicated by this power sets out to make everyone know he is no longer the weak, creep, perverted lolicon they all call him, and somehow charm the hearts of all the female characters. When fighting against Oga he shows amazing determination, something that Oga notes that he had since long ago. He seems to be oblivious or able to ignore the pain that the demonic power causes him, something that Behemoth noticed. It is later revealed that Furuichi’s happy mask is really just a disguise and he feels hurt by everybody’s scorn of him. He tells Oga that being called degrading nicknames and just laughing it off is really no different from being dead, so he really doesn’t care if using the tissues kills him or not.



Birthday:November 11 (Scorpio)
Height:175 cm (5'9")
Blood type:A
Likes:cute women, beautiful women, simply women
Dislikes:endless stories
Affiliations:Ishiyama High School, Touhoushinki (technically)
First anime appearance:episode 1
First manga appearance:chapter 1


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