Chizuru Akaba

Chizuru Akaba

Chizuru has a tall and model-like figure and is a mature woman who seems to spend most of her time being quite serious. However, she has a sadistic side to her, which is shown when she “brain-washes” Ken and Kurimu. Also, she makes a lot of references to her sadism in the anime. She loves to cuddle and “abuse” the President (Kurimu) in a little sister way, and is an avid reader. Sometimes, it is hinted towards her wanting to be involved with Kurimu. She is hinted towards having a couple part-time jobs despite being too young legally to even have a job. While she is identified as the cool, serious type, she can embrace her more cutsy side to her once hopping around dressed as a cute sheep. Chizuru and Ken met in autumn when Ken was suffering from a broken heart. Their meeting healed it and showed him compassion for others. Like the season she represents, she always seems a bit gloomy and hard to approach but has a certain elegance to her.


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Birthday:22nd November
Blood type:AB
Class:3rd year
Council Position:Secretary
Height:170 cm
Weight:53 kg
Hobbies:Controlling Kurimu, Sadistic activities


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