Ken Sugisaki

Ken Sugisaki

Ken is a 2nd Year student, and holds the Student Council “Blue Chip” Seat and Vice President. He entered the student council as the top-scoring student in his year; the highest scoring student automatically receives a place on the student council. He had to work hard to improve his score, being in the lowest score bracket when he enrolled. He is referred to as “Kī-kun” by Chizuru, from his given name Ken (鍵?) which also can be read as Kagi (鍵?, a key). Loves playing eroge and galge, and plans on making the rest of the student council members his harem. On the surface, he seems to be lazy and carefree, but he is actually very hardworking and always stays behind after dismissal to finish all the student council work so that the student council can have fun as always. Ken also has a serious side to him, and he truly cares for those around him; According to Kurimu, they are yet to find someone Ken dislikes. Ken reveals to Lilicia that the student council itself is his “dream”, where his goals and happiness co-exist.

A unique trivia about Ken is that he starts every episode with behavior that exasperates the other members of the student council, but at the end of each episode Ken always shows his serious side, making the other members of the student council grateful to him. Ken was bullied in the past by his classmates during middle school despite his apparent happiness and two-timed two girls, he even asked to be bullied in middle school. In contrast to his active self in the student council, Sugisaki Ken was often isolated socially in middle school. In the last episode, its revealed that he met all of the girls in the current student council throughout the year before joining, one in each season. Each of the four girls changed his life in some way for the better and help create the perverse and goofy, but kind and hard-working person that he is now. It’s because of those encounters that he strived to be in the student council for the sole purpose of repaying them by making all four of the girls happy.


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Class:2nd year
Council Position:Blue Chip Seat, Vice President
Height:175 cm
Weight:60 kg
Hobbies:Trying to win girls, Creating his harem


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