Shalnark Ryuseih

Shalnark Ryuseih


From his appearance, Shalnark seems to be a guileless and normal boy. However, see him in action with the rest of the Genei Ryodan and that thought is dispelled. Shalnark is one of the most intelligent and quick-thinking members in the group —being adept at using the computer and at information gathering, providing the brains behind the brawn. Shalnark is also a Hunter, so he has the ability to gain access to certain information that could be potentially useful in the Genei Ryodan. He has the member number 9.

In the Dark Continent Expedition arc, Chrollo is using his Black Voice ability during his fight with Hisoka, implying that Shalnark lent him this ability.

In chapter 357, Shalnark is seen talking on the phone with Chrollo discussing their plan to travel to the Dark Continent with the Kakin and steal valuables from the Royal Princes. After expressing excitement about the fact that the Troupe will be gathering after so long, he takes note that Kortopi has been taking a long time in the nearby bathroom. He then goes to check on Kortopi only to find Hisoka, who tosses him Kortopi’s severed head. Shocked, Shalnark cries out and is also killed by Hisoka only moments later.





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