Yoshitsune, a brilliant strategist and occasional pervert, he holds the title of Rumble King, and is the leader of the Kansai Storm Rider syndicate “Trident”. He challenged Ikki with the “Devil’s Thirty Thirty”, a stunt that normally involves jumping over the bodies of thirty-three of one’s teammates; in Ikki’s case, he has to leap over Ringo who was lying at the end of the track. The power of his Regalia is demonstrated during Ikki’s first jump when Agito attempted to assist his team leader by accelerating Ikki with a “Fang.” Yoshitsune’s Ram Jet Theory based Regalia intercepted and completely nullified the fang. Ultimately, Ikki successfully tackled the challenge, and Trident agreed to collaborate with Genesis. Yoshitsune now serves Simca and Genesis as an enforcer and tactician. After Sleeping Forest’s Gabishi was captured, while trying to harm Kazu, Yoshitsune was in charge of his interrogation and torture. After Sora’s betrayal and Spifire’s death, Yoshitsune showed sadness for his comrade but nevertheless decided that Trident would stay with Genesis, not because of loyalty to Sora, but because it would be more beneficial for the stormriders of West Japan, represented by Trident, and his own desire to fight against Koragasumaru. According to Benkei, the only time he is truly serious is when he take off his glasses





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